Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Comments Section Closed

After months of trying to open doors of discussion, with tens of thousands of comments left on Raed in the Middle, I announce today the end of the comment section experience.My decision came after weeks of trying to stop abusive comments, and to "police" the comments section in the help and support of Niki and Sahir.Sahir sent us a link to a news story today that apparently had the final say for our comments section discussions...Blogger Faces Lawsuit Over Comments Posted by Readers.If this small Internet company can sue a blogger for comments left by a mad customer, if the "Iraqi" puppet government can kidnap my brother for two weeks to question him about some comments left our blogs, I don't want to know what the bush administration would do to me if someone left a comment on my blog saying "terrorism rocks" or some pro-violence statement... Abu-Ghreib me? or Guantanamo me?I can't be responsible of all of the hundreds of comments that are posted here daily, and I don't want to dedicate all of my time "policing" the comments section.Many thanks to the thousands of readers who left their comments and took a part in political debates about the world politics on Raed in the Middle, and many thanks to Niki and Sahir for their support and help in managing the comments section.The bush administration destroyed saddam's "republic of fear", but created a global one.Welcome to the "global village" of fear.

Fan of Raed: post comments all you like

Please do not mis understand the intentions of this blog. This is simply to allow people to comment on Raeds blog. Public discussion and debate over topics such as these is what we need to educate ourselves and the rest of the population. This is mirror blog was not created to harm Raed in any way, shape, or form and is done purely out of spite of those in power that have made it a mission to suppress free speech and voices of dissent. His posts will be copied her UNALTERED and UNCENSORED. I felt it important not to contact Raed himself to get his permission so as to not connect him in any way to this blog. At his wish I will delete this account. Comment away